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Dental prosthetics

            Modern dental prosthesis – available for everyone!

Restore the lost teeth or make your smile more beautiful. We provide a perfect solution for teeth restoration or the improvement of its aesthetic appearance:

  • Professional consultation and, if needed, a computer 3D tomography. You will know the needed treatment and its price at once;
  • Special speed of treatment: under certain circumstances of the patient, the procedures can be done in a day. The clinic is integrated with modern tooth production laboratory and newest digital technologies, which allow us to produce teeth crowns in a day;
  • Special price for high quality teeth crowns – starting from 199 EUR;
  • A possibility to by on hire-purchase: tooth crowns – start from 10 EUR/month, signing a 24 months hire-purchase agreement;
  • Minimal invasion – we try to save as many healthy and natural teeth as possible.

Your smile and life quality is our concern!

We do not suggest choosing a teeth crown instantly as firstly, we invite you to a consultation. Detailed examination allows us to make an optimal decision.

Dental prosthetics is necessary after a loss of one or more teeth or when the tooth is severely damaged. Prosthetics may also be required due to aesthetic reasons. Currently, there are more and more patients who want to have not only healthy teeth, but also a nice smile. When dental tissues decompose (due to untreated caries, tooth wear, tooth erosion, etc.) and it is impossible to restore them with filling materials, dental prosthetic treatment is carried out by applying crowns or micro-prosthesis (onlay-inlay systems, laminate). Lost teeth may be restored with implants by polishing the adjacent teeth or with a prosthetic bridge or removable dentures, which are fixed on the existing teeth or implants. The dentist who performs the prosthetic procedures collaborates with a dental technician in order to restore lost teeth, their anatomy, and function, and, of course, their aesthetic appearance.

  • To fulfil the patient’s expectations, he needs to collaborate with the team of doctors whom he can trust. We examine each patient of the clinic very carefully, draw up a treatment plan and present possible treatment alternatives.
  • The concept of minimal invasion prevails in &SMILE clinic. When preparing teeth for prosthetic procedure, we try to preserve as much natural and healthy dental tissue as possible. Therefore, we recommend our clients to reject radical teeth polishing for metal-ceramic crowns and have prosthetic procedures carried out with strong and aesthetic all-ceramic inlays, onlays, laminates or partial crowns.
  •  In case of difficult clinical situations (teeth are severely damaged, severe tooth wear, etc.) when prosthetics of all teeth is necessary, we give the patient an opportunity to see the future result. A new teeth model made out of temporary materials is applied on the patient’s teeth, and the teeth form, length and other esthetical and functional parameters are evaluated.
  • One of the latest and most progressive methods of dental prosthesis production is digital dental scanning, modelling and production by means of computerised digital systems. &SMILE clinic’s patients may avoid an unpleasant procedure of putting an impression mass into the mouth. The three-dimensional digital dental impression is obtained by 3Shape TRIOS scanner. In the laboratory of dental technicians, the future prosthesis is modelled by a special computer programme and then milled from a solid material block to make a precise, aesthetic product with good mechanical properties.
  • Prosthetic teeth or removable dentures require a thorough care and hygiene, therefore, we recommend to have preventive checks carried out by the dentist who performed prosthetics, as well as to have professional oral hygiene procedures carried out twice a year. After large-scale prosthetics or prosthetics of the whole mouth, it is recommended to wear mouthguard at night to protect your teeth.
  • Using dental prosthetics we seek to create naturalness. By working with RI Creo laboratory, which has one of the best teams of dental technicians in the world, we achieve excellent results that please not only us, but also our patients.

*More information about the treatment and answers to your questions will be given during consultation.