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Tooth wear treatment

Restore your smile – it is possible!

Restore worn teeth and have the smile you have always wanted. We offer a great solution for worn teeth treatment:

  • Professional consultation and computer 3D tomography. We will examine the reasons of teeth wear and the needed treatment;
  • Exceptionally reasonable price for aesthetic dental filling – starting 139 EUR;
  • A possibility to buy on hire-purchase: aesthetic frontal teeth filling – starting from 12 EUR/month, signing a 12 month hire-purchase agreement;
  • Firstly, we eliminate the reason of wear and offer advice on its prevention or the specialist that can help you with that matter;
  • Natural smile: modern technology restores teeth with materials that are similar to enamel.

Your satisfaction with your teeth and smile is our concern!

Firstly, we offer you to register for consultation. A detailed examination helps in finding the reason of teeth wear and providing the best solution.

In today’s society the number of diseases such as pathological tooth wear is increasing. More and more young people are affected by tooth wear. This disorder is caused by many factors, dental erosion (dental tissue degradation due to acidic environment in the mouth) and bruxism (teeth grinding) being the most common ones.

Dental erosion is slow, localised and practically painless degradation of dental tissue influenced by food or stomach acids. Acid from the stomach gets into the mouth when vomiting (for patients suffering from anorexia or bulimia, after chemotherapy, during the pregnancy, etc.) or due to gastroesophageal reflux. Quite common cause of erosion is diet when a lot of apples, pickled cabbage, citrus fruits, juices or carbonated drinks are consumed.

Bruxism is teeth grinding or strong teeth occlusion due to increased masticatory muscle tension. Bruxism usually occurs during sleep at night, but it may also occur during daytime when a person is not sleeping. The exact cause of involuntary teeth grinding is not known, however, it is strongly influenced by stress and psychological tension. Also, possible causal factors might be: irregular occlusion, fillings or prostheses placed too high, some medications used.

Dental wear becomes a very fast process if a person is suffering from dental erosion or teeth grinding. Dental tissues are much more strongly damaged in acidic environment due to incurred chemical and mechanical effects.

  • The patient who comes to &SMILE dental clinic due to teeth wear first of all is carefully examined. He is given an “acid” questionnaire to find out the reason of teeth wear. The treatment begins with removal of the disease cause: a patient with gastric diseases is referred to gastroenterologist for consultation or treatment; it is recommended to change eating habits or avoid acidic foods; in case of teeth grinding it is recommended to engage in a relaxing activity, reduce stress, etc.
  • The second stage of treatment is restoration of the worn teeth. &SMILE dental clinic one of latest methods of worn teeth restoration is used, i.e., restoration with hot composite. Worn teeth are restored with functional composite fillings, which are of low wear rate, and whose physical properties are very similar to tooth enamel. Dentist restores lost tooth tissues and stabilises occlusion. When teeth wear is severe and filling materials are not recommended for restoration, the teeth are applied prostheses. In most cases dental polishing is not necessary. Metal-free ceramics are cemented on a worn tooth in order to restore lost tooth structures.
  • It is necessary to protect the restored teeth from further wear. Therefore, we recommend wearing mouthguards during nights. It is also important to have preventive dental check-ups at least once a year.