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Orthodontic treatment

Straight teeth and good looking smile is available for everyone!

Take care of Your and Your child’s smile and healthy teeth. We offer You an optimal decision to better your occlusion:

  • Professional consultation and a computer 3D tomography. You will know the needed treatment and its price at once;
  • We do not cause stress and guarantee high quality: experienced dentists, lectors and teachers treat both children and adults and know how to communicate with everyone and choose the shortest plan of treatment.
  • A possibility to choose invisible braces: we offer not only traditional metal braces, but also barely visible beligature, ceramic or lingual (placed on the inside of teeth) braces.
  • Especially reasonable price for high-quality braces for one jaw – starting from 459 EUR. We offer discount programmes if you bring a friend or family member.
  • A possibility to buy on hire-purchase: braces for one jaw – starting from 22 EUR/month, signing a 2 year hire-purchase agreement.
  • We also offer teeth whitening and a wide range of other dental services, which help you get a perfect smile.

Your satisfaction with the way you look and the health of your teeth is our biggest concern!

We do not suggest choosing a bracelet instantly, as firstly we invite you to a consultation. Detailed examination will allow us to make the most appealing individual dental treatment for a reasonable price.

Orthodontic treatment is one of the most important steps towards a beautiful and accurate smile. During the orthodontic treatment, not only crooked teeth are straightened, but also irregular occlusion and irregular development of teeth and jaw are treated. Orthodontic anomalies are quite common and it is difficult to find a perfect occlusion.

The usual patients of orthodontists are children and teenagers. At that time, jaws are developing and growing intensively, milk teeth are replaced by permanent teeth, so an orthodontic disease can be diagnosed easily. Also, the number of patients seeking orthodontic treatment is increasing. More and more often orthodontic treatment becomes part of the complex treatment, i.e., as adjuvant treatment prior to dental implantation or prosthetics.

  • Lithuania’s best orthodontic specialists provide consultations and treatment at &SMILE clinic. In most cases, orthodontic treatment is performed with metal braces, however, the doctor orthodontist may also offer ceramic, self-ligating or lingual braces. Taking into account the patient’s age and situation, the occlusion can be corrected by retainers or special orthodontic appliances.
  •  Orthodontic treatment may only be performed under great oral hygiene and when the teeth are healthy. Therefore, the mouth and teeth are scanned before the treatment: teeth are healed, faulty fillings and prostheses are replaced, periodontal diseases are treated, etc. It is very important to clean and take good care of your teeth, thus we recommend seeing dental hygienist every 4-6 months. During the visit, not only professional oral hygiene procedure is carried out, but the patient is also taught how to take proper care of his mouth and teeth.
  • Orthodontic treatment is not always quick and easy. In cases of difficult clinical situations, the entire &SMILE clinic’s team of doctors is involved in the treating process of the patient. Sometimes additional surgical interventions are necessary, i.e. to uncover or remove impacted teeth, to place an orthodontic mini implant, to have orthognathic surgery, etc.
  • After the completion of orthodontic treatment, it is very important to ensure the stability of the straightened teeth. It is achieved by fixing a metal strip to teeth from the tongue’s side for fixing retainer or dental tray.



*More information about the treatment and answers to your questions will be given during consultation.