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About us


The clinic &SMILE is a combination of new treatment technologies and dedicated attitude to patients. Excellent treatment results are ensured by our professional team, which is comprised of dentists who are creative, youthful, who love and know their job. We are not only constantly developing our professional knowledge in conferences and seminars, but also sharing our experience as we teach at universities, conduct lectures and organise courses for health care professionals from foreign countries. We find it essentially important to listen to patients and understand their expectations. According to the patients of &SMILE dental clinic, the most important thing is sincere communication with doctors, which makes them relax and reduces fear. When there is a mutual bond, the applied treatment is particularly effective. We find joy in seeing our patients smile.


At &SMILE dental clinic you will find the most effective innovations in the dental field. The high-quality Enamel Plus HRi fillings, which are the only composite fillings, are used for tooth filling. Their light refractive index is the same as that of the natural tooth enamel. Worn teeth are restored with low wear rate functional composite fillings (Enamel Plus HRi Function), whose physical properties are very similar to tooth enamel. When applying dental prostheses, we provide the opportunity to see the final result, as the new teeth “model” made out of temporary materials is applied on the patient’s teeth, and the teeth form, length and other esthetical and functional parameters are evaluated. When planning operations, the mouth is scanned with intraoral 3D scanner and 3D computed tomography machine and the future smile, implantation places and techniques are modelled by a computer. We use the world’s number 1 Swiss manufactured Straumann implants, whereas surgical guides are used for more complex operations. To improve the patient’s feeling after surgical operations and to speed up wound healing, platelets-rich fibrin (A-PRF) biomembranes, which are produced from centrifuged patient blood, are used. Teeth whitening is performed with highly effective Philips Zoom WhiteSpeed system, which is number 1 in the world. It is one of the safest teeth whitening methods, and the desired teeth whiteness may be achieved within 45 minutes!


&SMILE dental clinic employs qualified doctors, who use the latest treatment methods, advanced equipment and the best materials. We can ensure that our work will be durable and of the highest quality. The sole thing you have to do is to visit our clinic regularly and have dental procedures carried out. Regardless the procedure, we do not leave you alone until we have achieved our medical and aesthetic goals, and we will make sure that our products would last long and impeccably. If you come to us, you will enjoy perfect smile and health for a long time. And if this is not achieved, we will correct the defects free of charge.


Clinic &SMILE is equipped with the latest and most modern equipment. We have computed tomography system “White Fox”, which is one of the most accurate tomography systems in the world as well as one of the safest systems to the patients’ health. We provide both panoramic 2D X-ray and 3D X-ray. By using modern software, we can virtually plan the future operation and perform it only after we are completely sure that it is safe.

Usually, our patients do not need to have quite unpleasant procedures of taking dental impressions as we have “SD Shape”, one of the world’s most accurate intraoral scanners, which allows scanning the patient’s mouth and uploading a 3D mouth image to the computer.   &SMILE doctors work with powerful microscopes, which are connected to computer monitors and have the function of filming and taking pictures. This makes it possible to perform operations precisely and to follow and record the course of treatment. The clinic is equipped with the most modern equipment for sterilisation of instruments. Your smile is not only the aim to be achieved by our doctors, but also a result of their impeccable service. Easy access and free parking, WI-FI, comfortable environment, ventilated and air-conditioned rooms, quiet music, a cup of coffee for the waiting, staff to whom your wishes are the law – all this creates an environment where your presence is pleasant.


&SMILE clinic employs dentists of all specialisations, who utilizes all the equipment necessary for testing. You will not have to waste your time as we will perform all procedures quickly right at the clinic, that is: therapy, endodontics (canal treatment), dental hygiene, teeth whitening, orthodontic teeth straightening, simple and complex surgical tooth extraction, bone augmentation, sinus lift operations, implantation and all kinds of prosthetics. Our clinic is merged with one of the most modern dental production laboratories Ri Creo. The laboratory is equipped with modern technology and produces extremely complex products from various materials, such as zirconium, titanium, chrome-cobalt, lithium disilicate, PMMA, both by applying pressing and milling technologies. The laboratory employs the most qualified dental technicians, who give lectures and teach other specialists from the Baltic region. Many famous Lithuanian people appreciate the work of our laboratory and doctors, and soon you will be able to smile widely too.