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Dental radiography

High quality modern tomography – available for everyone!

We perform professional radiological examinations:

  • Exceptionally reasonable price. Panoramic X-ray picture – 19 EUR, computer tomography picture – 79 EUR. Patients, who follow the treatment in our clinic, receive these services for free.
  • Exceptionally low exposure: a modern computer tomography will produce a very precise picture and the exposure dose will be the same as you receive while getting a flight from Kaunas to Berlin;
  • Thorough diagnosis of diseases: high-quality pictures allows to diagnose teeth diseases precisely and on time.

Preventing Your dental diseases on time is our concern!

Modern medicine and dentistry are inseparable from accurate and high-quality X-ray testing, which helps to identify diseases even in their early stages. The latest digital dental X-ray machines and computer tomography machines emit extremely low X-ray radiation.

People are constantly exposed to ionising radiation, which is emitted by various sources, e.g. cosmic radiation, radioactive radon gas, radionuclides that are in the soil, food, drinking water, construction materials, and medical X-ay machines. The average annual irradiance dose per average resident of Lithuania is 2630 mSv (7,2 mSv per day). About 20 percent of this irradiance is exposed during medical diagnostic procedures. The irradiance dose exposed to the human body during dental testing is small: dental X-ray picture – 1,5 of the day’s irradiance dose, panoramic X-ray – up to 3,5, computer tomography – up to 10.

At &SMILE dental clinic produces not only dental and panoramic X-rays, but also computer tomography of the cephalic region.

  • Dental X-ray shows one or several teeth and their surrounding bone. This image is taken in order to assess the condition of the teeth, diagnose dental and periodontal diseases (caries, apical periodontitis, etc.), control the course of disease and evaluate the complete treatment. Dental X-ray is a safe and precise testing method, applied in all fields of dentistry.
  • Panoramic X-ray shows general view of all teeth and jaws, i.e. teeth, alveolar bone, mandibular nerve canal, temporomandibular joints, upper jaw sinuses. The test is carried out to evaluate the condition of all teeth and alveolar bone prior to complex dental treatment, dental implantation or other surgical interventions, dental prosthetic procedures and orthodontic treatment.
  • Computer tomography is the most accurate diagnostic test in the field of dentistry, which creates a high-resolution three-dimensional image of facial hard tissues. At &SMILE clinic, “White Fox” computer tomography machine is used, which is one of the most accurate tomography systems in the world as well as one of the safest systems to the patients’ health. When analysing images in three dimensions, distances among anatomical structures are calculated and implantation or reconstructive jaw operations, removal procedures of impacted teeth and other complex surgical interventions are planned. Also, computer tomography is necessary in the production of a surgical guide, which helps to screw implants in a precisely calculated place.
  • X-ray test results are discussed with the patient. At the patient’s request, X-rays may be printed, saved into digital media or forwarded to e-mail.