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Oral and dental surgery

Modern oral surgery is available for everybody!

Restore lost teeth or make our smile more beautiful. We offer a great solution for teeth restoration or improvement of their aesthetic appearance:

  • Professional consultation and computer 3D tomography. You will know the needed treatment and its price at once;
  • A possibility to buy on hire-purchase: a majority of oral surgeries can be paid signing hire-purchase agreement;
  • A psychological preparation of the patient: we will explain the surgery procedure in simple terms and calm a patient of any age;
  • No pain during the surgery and after it: due to the painless work of specialists and the medicaments prescribed after the operations, no unpleasant feelings in the oral cavity are felt;
  • Fast wound healing: fibrin used for surgery increases the formation of new blood vessels, thus the wounds heal significantly faster;
  • 99 % of satisfied clients after the surgery: protection against complications and a guarantee of a reliable work.

Your life quality and smile is our concern!

Firstly, we offer you to register for consultation. A detailed examination helps in finding the needed surgery and providing the best solution.

Many people associate surgical operations with unpleasant sensations and pain. However, these procedures are almost painless due to professional work of qualified specialists and post-operative pain relief medication.

  • &SMILE clinic employs a team of oral surgeons and periodontist. During the consultation, assessment of oral and dental health is made and optimal surgical treatment is chosen. Surgical operations are performed under local anaesthesia or intravenous sedation under the supervision of an anaesthetist.

The following surgical procedures are performed at &SMILE dental clinic:

  • extraction of roots of milk and permanent teeth
  •  surgical removal of impacted (retained) teeth
  •  implantation
  •  Implant removal
  •  bone and soft tissue augmentation
  •  sinus lift surgery (closed or open)
  •  block bone graft
  •  apical resection
  •  cyst removal
  •  conservative treatment of periodontitis – closed curettage
  • surgical treatment of periodontitis – flap surgery
  •  dental crown lengthening surgery
  •  gum plastic surgery
  •  surgical treatment of gingival recession
  •  labial frenectomy
  •  plastic surgery of the oral vestibule

To improve the patient’s state after surgical operations and to speed up wound healing, platelets-rich fibrin (A-PRF) are used at &SMILE clinic. Before surgery, the patient’s blood sample is taken from a vein and centrifuged so that the blood cells would stratify in a test-tube. PRF layer is placed in the operated spot and mucous membrane is sewn. Growth factors in biomembrane stimulate formation of new vessels as well as generation and growth of bone and soft tissues. In order to avoid complications after surgical intervention post-operative care is necessary. Usually, pain-relieving medications are administered, we also recommend following all your dentist’s instructions and have regular check-ups. The post-operative healing process is individual as it depends on the complexity of the surgery, the patient’s age and general state of health, personal oral hygiene habits.