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Professional oral hygiene

Taking proper care of our teeth is easy!

Avoid teeth decay, make your smile more beautiful and loose the unpleasant breath. We provide a professional oral hygiene services:

  • A reasonable price for professional oral hygiene, performed with a microscope (the best results) – 59 EUR;
  • Long-lasting and healthy teeth: oral hygiene helps to prevent the teeth decay diseases and avoid visits to the dentist;
  • A brighter smile: we remove soft and hard dental plaque, thus the teeth become brighter;
  • Frequent visits to the dentist are not necessary: 1 – 2 professional oral hygiene procedures a year are sufficient.
  • A pleasant procedure – microscope and a special technique of the procedure allows you to feel relaxed even on the dentist chair.

Your teeth and good mood is our concern!


Healthy teeth and a beautiful smile is every person’s dream. In modern society, more and more attention is paid to dental care. However, daily oral hygiene is not always adequate and sufficient. Uncleaned dental plaque causes dental and periodontal diseases. If oral hygiene is insufficient, it is necessary to see the oral hygiene specialist at least once a year.

  • During the visit to dental hygienist at &SMILE clinic the patient’s dental and periodontal condition is thoroughly examined and evaluated. Hard and soft plaque above and under the gums is cleaned by an ultrasonic scaler. In cases of dental calculus or when periodontal pockets are deep, professional oral hygiene is done by using a microscope.
  • After removal of tartar and plaque the teeth are polished with special brushes, disks or strong flow of air, water and soda powder. Teeth become whiter after the procedure since the plaque, that was inflicted by nicotine, tee, coffee and other pigmented materials is cleaned. The polished teeth surfaces are smooth, there is less accumulation of plaque and thus caries and periodontal diseases are prevented.
  • It is very important to observe the progression or healing of periodontal diseases. &SMILE clinic uses “Florida Probe” system for accurate periodontal examination as this system facilitates dental hygienist’s work, provides accurate graphical data about the patient’s periodontal condition, periodontal pocket depth and course of the disease. It is a great motivational measure as the patient finds it easier to understand the necessity of treatment and personal oral hygiene.
  • During professional hygiene, dental hygienist will also provide advice and training on proper dental care, the principles of healthy lifestyle and rational nutrition, and will recommend products for the care of personal oral hygiene.
  • The need for professional hygiene is individual. We recommend having professional oral hygiene performed one to four times per year with regard to oral health. We also recommend seeing an oral hygienist prior to surgical operations, dental prosthetics, therapeutic dental treatment and teeth whitening.