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Dental implantation

Our motto – dental implants are available for everyone!

Feel the joy of having a fully-functioning, healthy teeth for an affordable price. We offer an optimal decision to better your life quality:

  • Profesional consultation and computer 3D tomography. You will know the needed treatment and its price at once;
  • Special price for high quality Swiss implants with lifetime guarantee – starting from 599 EUR;
  • No pain: less invasive treatment and methods of pain relief;
  • A possibility to buy on hire-purchase: tooth implant – 29 EUR/month, signing a 2 year hire-purchase agreement;
  • Smile after the first visit and feel no discomfort. During the period of implant healing a patient receives a natural-looking temporary teeth crowns.

Your smile and life quality is our concern!

That is why, we do not suggest choosing an implant at once, as firstly, we invite you to a free consultation. Detailed examination allows us to choose an optimal treatment, which will be not only beneficial not only physically but also financially.

Dental implants are one of the most successful achievements in contemporary dentistry. Dental implants give the possibility to chew again and smile. Patients without teeth do not have to worry about falling plates, trouble while eating or lisping. Dental implant is a titanium screw (may be made out of zirconium), which is screwed into the jaw bone. It is used as a support for restoration of lost teeth. Implants may replace one or more missing teeth. Individual crowns, bridges or removable retainers may be attached to implants. According to recent research, implantation procedures are successful to 97% – 99% of the patients and 94% – 97% of prosthetic implants function successfully within a ten-year period.

  • At &SMILE clinic dental implantation is performed by qualified specialists. Great experience of dentists enables them to find solutions to the most challenging clinical situations. Consultations on dental implantation are carried out by both, the doctor who is performing implantation and the doctor who is carrying out prosthetic procedures, as dental implant cannot function well without a properly restored tooth. During the consultation, the patient is provided with the information about his mouth condition, he is explained about the stages and necessity of implantation and other procedures (bone augmentation, sinus lift, etc.), and the construction of the future prosthesis is discussed.
  • The latest computer technologies and computer tomography X-rays are used for implantation planning. In this way, we are able to accurately assess the condition of existing bone and soft tissues and prepare a precise plan for operation, as well as a surgical guide.
  • In today’s market, the number of inexpensive, but rather low-quality products is increasing. At &SMILE clinic, only scientifically tested high-quality products and materials are used for dental implantation. We use Straumann, Medentika and BioHorizons implants, which are reliable, easy to work with and known as the world’s greatest leaders of implant systems.
  • Contemporary dentistry is no longer associated with pain. Surgical operations are carried out painlessly under local anaesthesia. In the cases of complex clinical situations or large-scale implantation, we recommend to use intravenous sedation during implantation. Anaesthesiologist is present during the procedure, and the heart rate and breathing are monitored.
  • Great treatment results can be achieved only by performing implantation and prosthetic procedures correctly. The patient must also meet the requirements of oral hygiene. After the completion of the treatment, the patient is informed how to clean and take care of implants and prosthetic teeth properly.
  • We recommend to have professional oral hygiene carried out two to three times a year, and to visit the doctor who performed implantation or prosthetics at least once a year. Only those implants that are taken care of properly serve a lifetime!


*More information about the treatment and answers to your questions will be given during consultation.