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Teeth whitening

Unforgettable smile is available for everyone!

Have the smile you always dreamed about – You’re worth it. We offer you a great solution for teeth whitening:

  • Exceptionally reasonable price. Teeth whitening with Philips Zoom system – 259 EUR;
  • A possibility to buy on hire-purchase: teeth whitening starting from 13 EUR/months, signing 2 years hire-purchase agreement;
  • Tooth enamel is not damaged, since the clinic uses modern Philips Zoom System which allows to whiten the teeth without damaging its enamel, since it corresponds to the EU requirements and has only 6% of whitening peroxide (the majority of other systems has 27% and more);
  • Visible result: Philips Zoom is the most popular and one of the most effective whitening systems in the world, which allows reaching the visible result after only one visit – seeing for yourself.

Your perfect smile and the joy you feel for your teeth is our care!


Teeth colour may change due to various external and internal factors. The most common factor is the consumption of pigmented foods (coffee, tea, soft drinks, etc.). The combination of them all will definitely change the natural teeth colour. It is noticed that the teeth colour of people who smoke change considerably. Teeth colour changes may be caused by a variety of medications (e.g. antibiotics) and the use of fluoride during the time of teeth formation. Usually, after a dental trauma, tooth pulp (nerve) death or endodontic treatment the tooth becomes darker than its adjacent tooth.

Teeth whitening is a chemical process, during which hydrogen peroxide is used. In contact with a tooth, hydrogen peroxide breaks downs into water, oxygen ions and very active peroxide radicals. Pigment chromophore molecules are broken down into smaller, lighter particles. Thus, the tooth enamel is not damaged during the whitening process.

  • If you decided to whiten tour teeth, first of all it is recommended to come to &SMILE clinic to consult with a dentist or dental hygienist. It is very important to diagnose the cause of the changes in teeth colour, evaluate the clinical situation and to decide if teeth whitening is necessary for the patient. Then the most suitable whitening method is chosen and potential procedure results are discussed. Before the whitening procedure professional oral hygiene is necessary, it is also important to cure unhealthy teeth and replace faulty fillings.
  • One of the most secure and effective whitening methods is teeth whitening performed by a specialist, i.e. dental hygienist or dentist. &SMILE clinic, Philips Zoom WhiteSpeed system is used for teeth whitening. It is one of the safest teeth whitening methods and the desired teeth whiteness may be achieved within 45 minutes! During the whitening procedure gums are covered with barrier protection and whitening gel is applied on the teeth. It is a completely safe, effective and painless procedure.
  • &SMILE clinic’s specialists recommend teeth whitening with mouthguards. This is one of the safest whitening methods at home. For this method standard mouthguards might be used or mouthguards made individually at dental technicians’ laboratory together with low concentration whitening gel. Teeth become whiter in one or two weeks.
  • At &SMILE clinic non-vital tooth may be whitened only after a consultation given by endodontist and when the tooth is evaluated and, if necessary, root canals are treated. During internal whitening, a special cavity is made in the tooth, which is filled with whitening material and sealed with a temporary filling. Whitening material may be changed several times until the desired result is achieved.
  • Teeth whitening effect is different to each patient depending on a variety of factors, such as the structure of dental tissues, whitening material and its concentration, contact time, temperature, pH, etc.