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Root canal treatment

Save your healthy natural teeth – it is possible!

Loose the teeth pain but save the tooth. We offer a great solution for teeth root canal treatment:

  • Professional consultation and computer 3D tomography. You will know the needed treatment and its price at once;
  • Reasonable price. Canal cleaning with filling – starting from 89 EUR;
  • A possibility to buy on hire-purchase: canal cleaning with filling – starting from 8 EUR/month, singing 1 year hire-purchase agreement;
  • No pain with local anesthesia and less invasive treatment methods;
  • Healthy teeth after the first visit: if the infection is not outspread, the tooth is fixed immediately after cleaning the canal.

Teeth roots are the best “implants” and we want to save them!

We do not offer to choose endodontic treatment instantly, as firstly, we invite you to a consultation. Detailed examination allows us to choose the most suitable individual treatment for a reasonable price.

Dental root canal treatment, also known as endodontic treatment, is carried out when the inner tooth issue, i.e., the pulp (colloq. nerve) is damaged. In case of caries or tooth injury, bacteria having reached the pulp tissues cause the pulp tissue inflammation, i.e., pulpitis. If the help of the dentist is not sought timely, the pulp tissues die and the infection spreads to the surrounding tissues. Later the bone surrounding the dental root is damaged, and abscess and apical periodontitis get formed and further decomposition of tissues may result in the formation of cyst.

Depending on the degree of the pulp damage, a person may feel different sensations in the mouth, e.g. there may be a sharp spontaneous pain especially in the evening or at night, the tooth pain is not local (it is difficult to indicate the tooth that hurts), sensitivity to coldness may increase. When the bone around the root top is damaged, the tooth may seem to be “lifted” and may hurt when eating, there is a constant local dull pain. As it is a chronic process, the disease symptoms are barely noticeable, and the tooth damage is diagnosed by an X-ray test.

Successful treatment results of &SMILE clinic’s endodontists are achieved by responsible, careful and consistent work by applying the latest technologies and materials.

  • Microscope is an essential and irreplaceable instrument in endodontics. During treatment, infected tissues are removed from dental roots by mechanical and manual instruments, canals are disinfected and eventually sealed with a special filling material. Sometimes endodontic treatment is a great challenge to a dentist. The treatment would be impossible without a microscope when the root canals are curved, narrow or calcified or when it is necessary to remove a broken instrument or dental post inlays.
  • As the modern science is advancing very rapidly, more and more often secondary endodontic treatment is applied due to previous unsuccessful canal treatment when the infection re-enters the root through an improperly sealed filling. During the secondary endodontic treatment the old canal filling is removed, infected tissues are cleaned and root canals are sealed.
  • Very frequently the teeth undergoing endodontic treatment have little healthy tooth tissue left. To ensure the strength and durability of such teeth, we recommend strengthening them by fiberglass posts, which are cemented to the prepared root canal. Later on, the tooth is sealed or restored with prosthesis depending on the clinical situation.
  • Only high-quality root canal treatment ensures a successful restoration of a damaged tooth. Therefore, our clinic’s doctors recommend monitoring endodontically treated teeth, having regular checks and x-rays at least once a year.

*More information about the treatment and answers to your questions will be given during consultation.