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Craniomandibular dysfunction (CMD) treatment

Feel the joy of chewing without troubles!

Get rid of oral joint, muscle pain, movement disorders or strange noises when chewing. We offer a great solution for the treatment of Craniomandibular dysfunction:

  • We are the specialists of this dysfunction: the employees of our clinics take interest in Craniomandibular dysfunction and newest inventions in the field of its treatment;
  • Accurate determination of the reason of dysfunction is achieved in collaboration with specialists and surgeons from various fields;
  • Non-complicated treatment process: we try to plan the treatment in accordance with the needs of the patient;
  • A possibility to buy on hire-purchase: many procedures provided by this clinic can be bought on hire-purchase;
  • A variety of solutions: we will select the optimal and most suitable solution! See for yourself!

Your satisfaction with life is our concern!

Craniomandibular system (CMS) is also defined as masticatory system. It consists of maxillofacial bones, temporomandibular joints (TMJ) and their structural elements, muscles of mastication, tongue, teeth, gums and the brain. These anatomical structures achieve full functionality only when they work together systematically. Malfunction of at least one system element leads to craniomandibular dysfunction (CMD). Practitioners and researchers are still trying to find out the cause of malfunction of one or another structure.

In most cases, CMD patients complain of joints and mastication muscle pains, dysfunctional movements of mandibular joint and its sounds as well as inconvenient occlusion. Sooner or later TMD symptoms appear to 20-50 % of the population.

  • &SMILE dental clinic’s specialists are interested in this increasingly diagnosed disease and its treatment. In order to avoid the occurrence and progression of CMD a thorough and careful examination is necessary. Examination of the patient is carried out starting from anamnesis, extraoral and intraoral examination. Also, a clinical functional analysis is performed. During the consultation, the greatest attention is paid to the patient’s observations and complaints. During extraoral examination facial symmetry, profile and body position are observed. During palpation of mastication muscles and TMJ, painful areas, muscle hypertonus, and mandibular position are palpable. During intraoral examination, occlusion, teeth wear, and condition of teeth and prostheses are evaluated. These methods enable to evaluate CMD-related signs, symptoms and possible causes of the disease.
  • Usually, CMD treatment is long and difficult. During treatment, the most important thing is to identify the cause of the disease, and this can only be done in cooperation of patients and medical team. In order to achieve successful treatment results &SMILE collaborates with osteopaths, physiotherapists, LOR specialists, neurologists, maxillofacial surgeons and radiographers. Our medical team’s duty is to find and restore centric jaw relation. It can be done in various ways depending on the stage of the disease and dental condition, e.g. by applying mouthguards, braces, tooth fillings, prostheses.