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Dental caries treatment

Feel satisfied with a long-term result!

Get rid of the pain and protect other teeth. We offer a great solution for teeth decay treatment:

  • Professional consultation and computer 3D tomography. You will know the needed treatment and its price at once;
  • Exceptionally reasonable price for high quality composite fillings – starting from 39 EUR;
  • A possibility to buy on a hire-purchase: dental treatment services can be bought by signing the hire-purchase agreement;
  • Durability and solidity are guaranteed with modern composite fillings;
  • The treatment is fast and painless: you will not feel any unpleasant feelings during the teeth treatment procedures;
  • Minimal invasion: we try to save as many natural teeth as possible;
  • We always take into consideration aesthetics, no matter whether the front or side teeth are being treated.

Your satisfaction with firm and healthy teeth is our concern!

Firstly, we offer you to register for consultation. A detailed examination helps in finding the reason of teeth wear and providing the best solution.

Dental caries is a chronic infectious dental disease caused by decomposition of dental hard tissues. Bacteria around the tooth break down carbohydrates creating an acid environment, in which tooth tissues eventually start to decompose. Dental caries is the most common dental disease as even 99% of the Lithuanian population suffer from it. Caries can form both in healthy and sealed tooth. It is time-dependent whether a noticeable white spot appears on the tooth or whether there is a hole formed during the caries process. First of all, the patient notices teeth discoloration, whereas later he can feel pain while eating or drinking cold drinks. It is highly recommended to see your dentist one you feel these symptoms.

  • Unfortunately, in most cases patients visit the dentist only when they start to feel pain. The aim of &SMILE dental clinic is the earliest possible diagnosis of dental damage and its treatment while preserving as much of healthy dental tissues as possible.
  • Clinic’s dentists examine each patient carefully, evaluate their oral and dental condition and present the current situation, possible treatments, draw up a treatment plan. In case of indications, X-rays are taken as they are of essential importance to early diagnosis of caries.
  • In the initial stage of cares the tooth is treated without drilling or sealing. Dental tissues are strengthened with minerals, fluoride, calcium and infiltrated with “Icon” system.
  • In cases of deeper damage of dental tissues, the tooth is drilled, caries-affected dental tissues are removed and their defect is eliminated with extremely high-quality composite fillings. When restoring a decayed tooth, its anatomic form, chewing function and aesthetic appearance are recovered. There is no essential difference in treating front or side teeth. Clinic’s dentists always seal teeth by restoring its aesthetic appearance, i.e. selecting fillings that match the teeth colour, creating colour effects with special paint. Depending on the clinical situation one tooth filling can take from 30 minutes to 2 hours. The procedure is performed under anaesthesia. Treated tooth is isolated from saliva with rubber-dam system to ensure comfortable, high-quality and smooth treatment. After teeth filling it is recommended to have professional oral hygiene performed every six months as well as come for screening filling polishing.
  • If tooth damage is severe and filling materials are not suitable for defect elimination, it is recommended to prosthetics of the tooth performed.