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Children‘s dentistry

Gentle treatment in a friendly environment!

Make sure that your child would not feel scared during his visit to the dentist and his teeth would be taken care properly. We offer a great solution for children dental treatment:

  • We know how to persuade them to perform the treatment: professional dentists know how to communicate with any person: baby, child, adolescent or patient with special needs;
  • Gentle procedures: with the help on modern equipment any treatment is performed exceptionally gently and carefully;
  • No pain: if needed, we perform a local teeth anesthesia, which is suitable for children and does not cause unpleasant feelings;
  • At the end of the visit we offer a small gift, which will help your child not to feel scared for the future visits to the dentist;
  • A possibility to buy on hire-purchase: most of the procedures of children treatment can be paid using hire-purchase method.

Our dentists are friends of children!

Firstly, we invite you to register for consultation. Detailed examination will allow you to find out your child’s dental condition and determine the most optimal treatment.


Unfortunately, in Lithuania children’s dental health is poor. The latest research data shows that even 89 % of 4-6-year old children’s teeth are damaged by caries. It is recommended to clean and massage gums even before the teeth start to grow as in this way the child learns the proper oral hygiene.

  • During the child’s first years of life, a visit to the dentist should be preventive. &SMILE clinic’s dentists introduce the child with the clinic, its personnel, instruments and materials in a playful and friendly manner. In this way the child is prepared for future procedures in the dental office. It is recommended to take first visit to the dentist before the tooth starts to hurt.
  • Not only permanent teeth, but also milk teeth are treated at &SMILE clinic. We want to change the common point of view that the milk teeth do not require treatment. When the milk teeth decay, a child can neither eat nor drink normally, he is in constant pain and experiences psychological stress. Also, untreated milk teeth may damage the formation of permanent teeth and cause irregular occlusion. Infection in the milk teeth may spread and cause other diseases.
  • We pay much attention to prevention of dental caries. Child’s tooth issues are strengthened with minerals, thus keeping the teeth healthy. During the period of dental change, sealants are placed on the molars. Not only children, but also parents are taught the principles of proper oral hygiene.
  • Having come to &SMILE clinic, the child receives a “Healthy Teeth Passport”, where the records of healed, extracted or grown teeth are made. At the end of the visit the child is praised for his good behaviour and receives a small gift.