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  • 1995 Kaunas University of Medicine. Orthodontist.
  • 1995 – 1996 Residency in general practice dentistry.
  • 1996 – 1997 Residency in Orthodontics.


  • Orthodontics Clinic of Lithuanian University of Health Sciences. Associate Professor.
  •  Dental clinic &SMILE. Orthodontist.

PROFESSIONAL SKILLS DEVELOPMENT Professional skills development during recent years:

  • 25-27 September 2009 1st Baltic Sea Conference in Orthognathic Surgery and Orthodontics.
  • 07/11/2009 “The Approach to Orthodontics: from Classical Mechanics to Molecular Biomechanics and Beyond”. Lector Dr. E. Basdra. Courses.
  • 21/06/2010 “Passive Self-Ligation, Low Force, Low Friction Orthodontics/VectorTas and Insignia Introduction Course”. Lectors: Dr. A. Bagden, Dr. A Gracco. Courses.
  • 19-20 November 2010 “MBT Treatment Philosophy 2010”. Lectors: Dr. HJ Trevisi, Dr. F. Bergstrand. Seminar.
  • 7-8 March 2011 “Angle II Class and Completion of the Treatment with Self-Ligating Braces”. Lector Dr. M. Cozzani. Seminar.
  • 06/05/2011 “Novelties and Current Issues in Dental Practice”. Conference. Palanga, Lithuania.
  • 26/05/2011 “Orthodontic Mini Implants: from Theory to Clinical Practice Peculiarities”. Lector B. Ludwig. Courses.  Kaunas, Lithuania.
  •  27-28 May 2011 Baltic Orthodontic Association Congress. Kaunas, Lithuania.
  • 19-23 June 2011 87th Congress of the European Orthodontic Society. Istanbul, Turkey.
  • 26-27 October 2012 “Accuracy of Orthodontic Treatment Completion”. Lector I. Dagmar. Courses. Jūrmala, Latvia.
  • 27-28 September 2012 “Orthodontic Treatment of Temporomandibular Joint”. Lector dr.SE Menzel. Courses.
  • 26/10/2013 “Orthodontic Difficult Cases“. Lector T. Bassarelli. Courses. Kaunas, Lithuania.
  •  15/11/2013 “Treatment by Applying Lingual Technique”. Lector R. Owen. Courses. Lodz, Poland.


  • 2011 “Novelties and Current Issues in Dental Practice”. Conference. “Complications of Orthodontic Treatment”. Palanga, Lithuania.
  • 2011 “Dentin Dysplasia Type I and Malocclusion, (Two Clinical Cases Report)”. Poster presentation. 87th Congress of the European Union of Orthodontists.  Istanbul, Turkey.
  • 2011 “Change in Dental Pulp Parameters in Response to Different Modes of Orthodontic Force Application”. 7th Baltic Orthodontic Association Congress. Kaunas, Lithuania.
  • 2013 “Does Surgical Orthodontic Treatment Method Affects the Status of Palatally Impacted Maxilarry Canines Following the Treatment?”. LOR seminar “Treatment of Orthodontic Anomalies”. Kaunas, Lithuania.

PUBLISHED ARTICLES the list of most important publications published in recent years:

  • Zasčiurinskienė E., Bjerklin K., Smailienė D., Šidlauskas A., Puišys A. “Initial Vertical and Horizontal Position of Palatally Impacted Maxillary Canine and Effect on Periodontal Status Following Surgical-Orthodontic Treatment. Angle Orthodontist 2008, 78(2). P.275-280.
  • Vėberienė R., Smailienė D., Danielytė J., Dagys A., Toleikis A., Mačiulskienė V. “Effects of the Intrusive Force on Selected Determinants of Pulp Vitality”. Angle Orthodontist 2009, 79. P.1114–1118.
  • Vėberienė R., Smailienė D., Basevičienė N., Toleikis A., Mačiulskienė V. “Change in Dental Pulp Parameters in Response to Different Modes of Orthodontic Force Application”. Angle Orthodontist 2010, 80(6)P.1018-1022.
  • Smailienė D., Šidlauskas A., Lopatienė K., Guževičienė V., Juodžbalys G. Factors Affecting Self-Eruption of Displaced Permanent Maxillary Canines. Medicina. 2011, 47(3). P.163-169.
  • Kavaliauskienė A., Smailienė D., Buškienė I., Kerienė D. Pain and Discomfort Perception among Patients Undergoing Orthodontic Treatment: Results from One Month Follow-Up Study. Stomatologija. Baltic Dental and Maxillofacial Journal. 2012, 14. P.118-25.
  • Smailienė D., Kavaliauskienė A., Pacauskienė I., Zasčiurinskienė E., Bjerklin K. Palatally Impacted Maxillary Canines: Choice of Surgical-Orthodontic Treatment Method does not Influence Post-Treatment Periodontal Status. A Controlled Prospective Study. European Journal of Orthodontics. 2013, 35 (6). P.803-810.
  • Smailienė D., Kavaliauskienė A., Pacauskienė I. Posttreatment Status of Palatally Impacted Maxillary Canines Treated Applying 2 Different Surgical-Orthodontic Methods. Medicina. 2013, 49(8). P.354-60.
  • Lopatienė K., Smailienė D., Šidlauskienė M., Čekanauskas E., Valaikaitė R., Pribuišienė R. An Interdisciplinary Study of Orthodontic, Orthopedic, and Otorhinolaryngological Findings in 12–14-year-old Preorthodontic Children. Medicina. 2014, 49 (11). P.478-86.
  • Pacauskienė I., Smailienė D., Siudikienė J., Savanevskytė J., Nedzelskienė I. Self-Reported Oral Health Behavior and Attitudes of Dental and Technology Students in Lithuania. Stomatologija. Baltic Dental and Maxillofacial Journal. 2014,16 (2). P.65-71.


01/10/1997 – 31/05/2002 PhD thesis “The Peculiarities of Topography, Diagnostics, and Treatment of Impacted Permanent Maxillary Canines”. Awarded a PhD in 10/07/2002. Kaunas University of Medicine.


  • A Member of the Lithuanian Dental Chamber.
  • A member of the Union of Orthodontists.
  • A member of the World Federation of Orthodontists (WFO).